We are a group of young, energetic and dedicated marketing professionals who live and breathe creative thinking, with a strong focus on problem solving in any medium. Our strategy is simple – Your success is our success!


What sets us apart from others is that we are great listeners and we ‘think’ about the ‘why’s’ firstly to comprehend your business model and consumer needs. We travel the road together with our clients in pursuit of achieving the ultimate solution for the ultimate outcome.


At Medius, you will find nothing short of professionals who care about the end result and because of that, we have successfully launched our 360⁰ of marketing solutions, supporting international and local brands to reach their greatest potentials.

Our Founders

Salam AlGhoul

With over 15 years in leadership roles, I can successfully say that translating vision into reality and continuously looking for the next challenge – is what drives me. I’ve had the opportunity to work with some of the biggest players in advertising within Kuwait and Internationally.


When working with clients, the most exhilarating moments have been working closely on all strategic levels, building the trust and leading the team. My business approach is not just about strategy but about innovation. I have a ‘no-nonsense’ result orientated approach to life and am motivated by taking my clients to the next level in every aspect. Their success is my success.

Hussein Moussa

When it comes to building strong business relationships, Hussein has a proven track record of creating, managing and engineering solutions that take the ‘ordinary’ to the ‘extraordinary.’ Hussein has a no nonsense approach to work – his motto is, ‘there are no shortcuts to success.”

He has proven this through his long and successful career, working with some of the best in the industry. His leadership strategy and skills, along with his adaptable abilities to excel in any environment, have seen him build his work portfolio throughout the Middle-East with reputable local as well as international companies.


From Account Director, to General Manger, to Managing Partner, Hussein has a history of successful stories with long standing satisfied clients. His professional attitude and belief that one’s value in the market is created by the excellence of the people you work with, clearly shows that his success strategy wasn’t by accident.

Simply the best partners!

Our Partners